Changing a Source File Reference



It may  necessary to change the reference (name and or location)  to a source file which  already in a translation project (and which is also already translated). The reason may that the name and/or the location of a source file has been changed.


Generally what's to do if a source file name or the location has changed is to remove the (current, old) source file from the translation project and to add the (new) source to the translation project. Because this would force that existing translations are going lost and the file needs to be translated again RC-WinTrans offers to change the reference to a source file.


Changing the Reference


Select the Properties Tab view and select the properties for Project File.


In the Projects Overview tree view select the source file you want to change the reference.


Select the File Name property and use the command button to the right to open a file name dialog box and to select the "new" source file.