The Multi-Check toolbar button (with drop-down button for setting check options).


RC-WinTrans X8's multi-check function performs a number of checks at once.  Select the checks to be included in the multi-check in the Multi-Check Options dialog box (Figure 1).  Open this dialog box by clicking on the Multi-Check toolbar button's drop-down button, or use the Multi-Check Options command from the Checks menu. Once the Multi-Check Options dialog box is open, use the checkboxes to select/unselect (include/exclude) individual checks.  Run the multi-check function by clicking on (the main part of) the Multi-Check toolbar button.


See also: "Checks."



Figure 1: The Multi-Check Options dialog.



The Multi-Check Progress dialog box is displayed while the multi-check is running.  The check that is currently being performed is selected in the Checks table and displayed at the bottom of the dialog.  Checks that have already been performed get a green check mark next to them in the Checks table.  Checks that aren't run are displayed as inactive (grayed out).



Figure 2: The Multi-Check Progress dialog.