Check Spelling Dialog Box                                       [Internal Spell Checker]


The Check Spelling dialog box is available whenever a spelling error has been detected by the Spell Checker.  You can use this dialog box to specify whether the word should be ignored or replaced. Note that the labels of some buttons and text boxes in the dialog change according to the context.


There are two ways to open the Check Spelling dialog:


Press the Spell Check button (shown right) located at the bottom of the Translation Edit bar.


Right mouse-click (Target Text field- Translation Edit bar) on the word for which an error has
been detected- the command is shown in the pop-up menu that appears.



Figure:  The Check Spelling dialog box.



The Check Spelling dialog box contains the following commands and elements:

Not in dictionary Edit Field

Displays the detected misspelling.  The word is considered misspelled because it could not be located in any of the open dictionaries or because it was marked with an "exclude" action.  Edit the word in this box or select a suggestion from the list and click the Change button to correct the word, or press the Ignore button to skip the word.

Suggestions Listbox

Contains a list of suggested replacements for the word reported as misspelled.  Pressing the Suggest button may yield more suggestions.  The word selected in the Suggestions listbox will be used as the replacement when the Change or Change all buttons are pressed unless the word in the Not in dictionary field was edited.

Add words to Listbox

Indicates which user dictionary words will be added to when you press the Add button.  The Add words to list shows all the user dictionaries that are currently open.  Open or close other dictionaries using the Spelling Dictionaries dialog box, accessed by clicking the Dictionaries button.

Undo Button

Removes the last change made.  The Undo button can be pressed several times to remove the last several changes.

Options Button

Displays the Spell Checker Options dialog box to manage settings for the spell check.

Dictionaries Button

Displays the Spelling Dictionaries dialog box to open or close user dictionaries and to edit their contents.

Ignore Button

Skips this occurrence of a misspelled word.  If the same misspelled word appears later it will be reported again.

Ignore all Button

Skips this and all further occurrences of a misspelled word.  You might use this button if the word reported as misspelled is actually spelled correctly.  If the word is one you use frequently you may wish to ignore it permanently by selecting the Add button.

Add Button

Adds the reported word to the dictionary selected in the Add words to list.  Use the Add button if a word that is spelled correctly and that you use often is reported as misspelled (e.g., your name). If the word is not used frequently, you may want to select the Ignore or Ignore all buttons instead. This button is only enabled if a user dictionary has been selected in the Add words to list.

Change Button

Replaces the reported word.  If the word was edited, the edited word is used as the replacement; otherwise the selected suggestion is used as the replacement.  Only this single occurrence of the reported word is replaced.  If you want this and all following occurrences of the word to be replaced, select the Change all button.

Change all Button

Replaces this and all following occurrences of the reported word.  If the problem word was edited, the edited word is used as the replacement; otherwise the selected suggestion is used as the replacement.  If you want only this occurrence of the word to be replaced, use the Change button. If the reported word is one that you frequently misspell you might consider adding it to a user dictionary via the Spelling Dictionaries dialog box which can be accessed via the Dictionaries button.

Suggest Button

Performs a more thorough search for suggested replacements for the misspelled word.  Each time you press the Suggest button a more intensive search is made.  The Suggest button is disabled once all possible suggestions have been retrieved.


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