Editing Translations with Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word can be used to edit the translation text currently selected in RC-WinTrans.  The translation text is typically entered/edited in the Translation Edit bar's Target field but the option to display and edit the text in MS Word can be useful in certain contexts and has therefor been implemented in RC-WinTrans.


Here are a few examples of when using the MS Word application to edit translations might be preferable:

The translation text is too long to be fully displayed in the Translation Edit bar.

There is a utility available in Word that you would like to apply to the text.  This can be a tool/function or simply the option to view and edit the translation text there.

The text requires a line break, something which cannot be entered or displayed in RC-WinTrans' Translation Edit bar.



Start MS Word Translation

Use the MS Word toolbar button (see figure below) to open or close the MS Word application from within RC-WinTrans, or use the same command located in the Tools menu.


Once Word is open the currently selected translation text will be displayed there.  If no translation exists one can be entered in Word.


The text in MS Word is updated whenever an item is selected in RC-WinTrans or when the current text is modified in RC-WinTrans.



Figure:  The MS Word toolbar button opens and closes the Word application from within RC-WinTrans.



Editing and Saving Translation Texts

Use the ''Save" command in MS Word to save the translation text from MS Word to RC-WinTrans. RC-WinTrans then saves the text to the project's translation database and updates the translation text in all its views.


NOTE:  The "Save" command may not be available for older versions of MS Word (pre-2002).  To ensure access to all functions and commands please use Microsoft Word 2002 or a later version.



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