Excluding Text from Translation


Text items can be excluded from translation to keep them from being edited. Excluding a resource text is recommended if the text is numerical or if it does not require translation.


Exclude items from translation in RC-WinTrans so that a translator does not have to/cannot translate it.  For statistical purposes these items are not considered as text to translate and are ignored for the commands that select the next or previous items to be translated.



In dialog box list box controls for Microsoft MFC resources, the texts "List1" and "List2" are used as the default control caption text.  These texts are not visible in the application's user interface and do not need to be translated.



Excluding Items


A text item can be set to be excluded from translation by selecting the item in the Text Table view and:

clicking on the Exclude from Translation toolbar button ( ) (Figure 2);

selecting the Exclude from Translation command from the Edit menu (Figure 1) from the "Item State" toolbar; or

using the CTRL+E key combination.


A number of translation units having a certain source text can be excluded at once in the Exclude from Translation dialog box.



Figure 1:  "Exclude from Translation" menu commands.



Figure 2:  The Exclude from Translation button selected in the Item State toolbar.



The Exclude from Translation (Current Language) command excludes an item solely for the active target language.  To exclude an item for all (existing) target languages at once use the Exclude from Translation (All Languages) command.



Indication of Excluded Items

Items that have been excluded from translation are designated with a black X-mark ( ) and are displayed with grayed-out source text in the Text Table view (see figure below).  Excluded items can be shown and hidden within the Text Table view by using the Show Items Excluded from Translation toolbar button (shown below), or by selecting the Translation Status Filter -> Show Items Excluded from Translation command from the View menu.


The Show Excluded Items filtering toolbar button (Project Window toolbar).



Figure 3:  The Text Table view showing two items excluded from translation.



Figure 4:  The Text Table view showing a single item excluded from translation for the active target language. The All Translations tab view at the bottom shows that the same item is also excluded in all the other target languages (command: Exclude from Translation (All Languages)).



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