Replace Dialog Box


Use this dialog box to:


Find and replace a symbol or sequence of symbols in a file.


Find and replace all symbols, or sequences of symbols, that match a given pattern.


Open the dialog box using the Replace command from the Edit menu or the Ctrl+H key combination.



Commands/Dialog Box Elements


Find what Field

Specifies the search text to match.  You can also use the drop-down list to select from a list of up to 10 previous search strings.

Replace with Field

Specifies the string of characters to use in place of the found characters.

Match case Checkbox

Finds only those text strings that match the case of the characters in the Find what string exactly; otherwise the command finds strings that match the characters in the Find what string regardless of whether the characters are upper- or lowercase.

Match whole word only Checkbox

Matches text strings only if they are preceded and followed by a space, tab, or punctuation character, or the beginning or end of a line; otherwise, the command matches any string, independently of whether it is a fragment of a larger string or not.

Find next Button

Goes to the next item matching the search criteria.

Replace Button

Replaces the currently selected string that matches the string specified in the Find what text box.

Replace all Button

Replaces all strings that match the Find what string automatically without requiring confirmation for each replacement.

Cancel Button

Cancels the Replace operation.



Figure:  The Replace dialog box.



See also:  "Find Text Dialog Box."