Export to TMX File


The Export to TMX File command is used to export data from an RC-WinTrans translation
to a TMX file (file extension: .tmx).  Access this command via the Export toolbar button (shown right) or from the File menu.  


The Export to TMX File dialog box first opens a dialog box where you must select the TMX file to be used for the export.  After a file has been selected, the Export to TMX File dialog box will be opened where the export settings are specified.


NOTE:  To export select text items only, select the items in the Text Table view first, then start the export process.


The import and export functions are implemented in and performed by the RC-WinTrans add-on product "TMX Import/Export".  The add-on is included and installed with RC-WinTrans 9.3 or later versions.


See the product documentation for RC-WinTrans' TMX Import/Export Add-On for more info.


See also:  "Import/Export (Overview)."



Figure:  The Export to TMX File dialog box.



Export to TMX File Dialog Box

The Export to TMX File dialog box (accessed via the Export to TMX File menu/toolbar command) contains the following elements:


File name Field

The name of the file to be used for exporting the selected data.  This can be the name of an existing TMX file or of a new one, but a file name must be specified (in the "Open File" dialog displayed just before the Export to TMX File dialog).


Source language Display

The source language of the active translation project.


Target language Display

The active target language in the current translation project.


Export Data Groupbox

Select which data is to be exported using the radio buttons next to the following options:

Selected item(s)

Checking this option will export the item(s) currently selected in the Text Table view.  The total number of items currently selected is shown in the display to the right of this option.  Select the Append data option to add the exported data to the end of the specified TMX file.  If left unchecked, the data exported from RC-WinTrans will replace the existing data.

Selected file

All the items in the currently selected file will be exported if this option is checked.

Project (all files)

This option lets you export data according to status, specifically:  translated, non-translated, and/or changed items.  Only items with the specified status will be exported.


Options Groupbox

Additional options available to modify the export operation:

Use file name in item ("tuid" attribute)

Check this option to append the name of the source file to the combined ID for an item ("tuid" attribute).  This serves the purpose of making the item ID unique within the project.

Export text without ampersand (&)

The ampersand character ("&"- hotkey specification) will be omitted from exported texts if this option is checked.

Use source text for non-translated items

Select this option to use the source text as the target text for items that have not been translated.

Add notes

Any notes that have been added to items will also be exported to the designated TMX file if this option is selected.



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