Migration: RC-WinTrans 5-7 to RC-WinTrans 9


This topic discusses the major differences between RC-WinTrans 9 and previous versions as well as some things to consider for the update process.



Data Storage in RC-WinTrans Versions

RC-WinTrans 9 (and its predecessor, RC-WinTrans X8) diverges from Version 7 (and earlier versions) in the type of data storage used for translation projects.


Versions 5 through 7 of RC-WinTrans use a Microsoft Access database (MDB, EDB, TDB, and XDB files).  Newer versions of RC-WinTrans (X8/9) cannot open or edit these older translation databases directly.


Table 1 lists the Access database files used by RC-WinTrans 7.  Each of the four databases was designed for a different file type.



Database Type/
File Extension

Stored Data

Storage Type


Win32 EXE/DLL files

One per file, multiple languages.


Win32 RC files

One per file, multiple languages.


Java properties files

One per file, multiple languages.



Multiple files, multiple languages.




Database Type/
File Extension

Stored Data

Storage Type


Project definition file.

Stores information about the trans-lation project (e.g., source and target languages, file name).  The file type is a Windows INI file.  The file contains no translation data.


MS Access database

(see "Data Storage").

Translation database containing all the data of a translation project (for all target languages).


Translation data file (XML format)
for any type of source file (see "Data Storage").

One data file for each source file; one per target language.



The data of an older RC-WinTrans project database can be added to (and thereby reused in) an RC-WinTrans 9 translation project.  To do this, the data of the previous RC-WinTrans database must be read (extracted) from the database and added to an RC-WinTrans 9 translation project, which is the process known as “data migration.”  During the migration process translation data, settings (e.g., “excluded” status, re-check markers), and comments are read from the database (Table 1) and added to RC-WinTrans 9 translation data storage type (Table 2).


Data migration is handled through the Project Database Migration dialog box- please refer to the help topic for this dialog for detailed information on how to perform the data migration.



Requirements for the Data Migration Process


Accessible source files.

In addition to the database file, the source file(s) (orginal file(s)) must be present.  If a source file does not exist, this will be indicated in the Project Database Migration dialog box.


Up-to-date project database.

If a source file has changed (data differs from that of the database), the database must first be updated (Update Database command) in the older version (RC-WinTrans 5 – 7).  The Project Database Migration dialog box will note any source files that have been modified.


RC-WinTrans 7 installed.

RC-WinTrans 7 must be installed in order to perform the database migration.  If you are migrating from RC-WinTrans 5.x or 6.0 please contact Schaudin.com to receive a free copy of RC-WinTrans 7 to install and use in the process.



Translation Projects in RC-WinTrans 9

The RC-WinTrans 5 – 7 MDB, TDB, and EDB databases contain only one source file (to be translated) and the data for one or more target languages (Table 1).  XDB databases can contain one or more source files.


By comparison, the newer RC-WinTrans translation projects can contain a number of files (having different file types) and a number of target languages.  During migration, the data of several databases and database types can be added to a single translation project.  If you have a number of RC-WinTrans 5 – 7 databases it is up to you if you want to add them all to one RC-WinTrans translation project or group them using more than one project.  The latter option is useful if, for example, you wanted to separate .NET files and Java properties files into different translation projects.


See also:  "Project Database Migration Dialog Box."




RC-WinTrans 5 to 7 used a Microsoft Access database (DDB) for dictionary data.  These dictionaries are no longer supported.  The data in the DDB dictionaries can be reused by migrating dictionary data to an SDL Trados translation memory (.sdltm).


For details on how to do this please view the "TM Workbench" help topic.




The functionality for SDL TRADOS translation memories is still the same as in RC-WinTrans 7.


See also:  "Trados and RC-WinTrans."



Command Line Tool

The batch command line interface of RC-WinTrans has undergone some minor changes since the build of previous versions.  The most important changes are listed here:


User-defined batch functions can be added with VBA macros, i.e., the command line interface is extendable.


Language IDs are now specified as ISO 639 language codes, e.g., “en-us,” or “es-jp” (previous versions would expect a four-digit hexadecimal number).  Almost all the commands use a translation project file name (e.g., “myproject.rwtproject”) for the first parameter.


There is a parameter (/KeepAlive”) which allows RC-WinTrans to keep running between two command calls.


A more intuitive rule for return values has been chosen: a positive value is used to signal a successful call while a negative value indicates an error.


It is possible to programmatically “kill” a running instance of RC-WinTrans in case of a problem.


A set of script sample batch files can be found in the RC-WinTrans directory under “Samples/commandline/batch.”


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