Omitting Resources from Target Files  (Win32 RC Files)


In Win32 resource (RC) files, bitmap, icon, and cursor resources as well as file includes ("#include") can be set to be omitted from the target file (for a specific language).


The Omit from Target symbol.


NOTE:  This feature is available for Win32 RC files only.



How to Omit Resources

If a resource is set to be omitted from the target file, RC-WinTrans writes the line (e.g., "#include res\afxres.h") to the target file but marks it as a comment.  To omit an image from the currently active target language, select the entry in the Text Table view and use the Attributes  |  Omit from Target File menu command from the Edit menu (Figure 1).  Resources can only be omitted from one target language at a time (the one which is active when the command is used).



Figure 1:  The Omit from Target File command in the Edit menu.



Figure 2:  The Text Table view showing the file "OXDirDlg.rc" and the icon "DlgItemTranslPos.ico" set to be omitted from the French language target file.





To display image and icon resources in the Text Table view, activate the Project Data view in the Workspace bar and press the Show Images toolbar button there.


To display file includes ("#include") in the Text Table view, check the Group: file includes checkbox in the Show Additional Data Types dialog box.