"Open Source" Code


The Open Sources icon indicates that the processes described in this topic have been created as "open source" processes.  Here "open source" refers to functionality that has been realized using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros and is therefore fully accessible.


The basic concept is that RC-WinTrans is the "kernel" application whereas all compound processes are realized as VBA macros.  Examples of such compound processes include all data import and export functions, validation procedures, word counting, statistics, etc.


Macros can be opened, edited, and debugged using the integrated VBA Editor from Microsoft.  The macros are located in VBA macros files and are not part of the RC-WinTrans application itself.  These macros files are continuously maintained, improved, and extended with new functionality.  The most recent macros files are always available for download from our customer download area.


The "open source" VBA functionality is usually used in combination with certain HTML user interfaces.  These are the HTML pages that RC-WinTrans uses as its variable and extendible user interface and which have essentially replaced static views and dialog boxes.


As with the macros files, the HTML pages constituting the HTML user interface are also available for download.