Re-Check Marker ( )

Re-check markers are used to indicate items needing to be checked again or reviewed.  You can view re-check markers and their corresponding (modifiable) description texts shown in the Task List tab view of the Miscellaneous bar.    Double-clicking on a re-check marker entry in the Task List view will move the focus to that specific item in the Text Table view.  Toggle the status of the marker (red = to do, gray = done) by checking/unchecking the checkbox next to the item.


Figure:  Re-check mar-kers in the Miscellaneous bar's Task List view.  The first item has been selected for editing the marker's description text.


Re-check markers can be added to/removed from an item by clicking on the Re-Check Marker toolbar button (Item State toolbar) or by selecting the Re-Check Marker command from the Edit menu.