Regular Expression Examples

Using regular expressions allows for more flexible find operations.  Situations in which regular expressions can be useful include:


find texts containing general patterns such as:


"more than one subsequent whitespace character": \s{2,}.

"repeated words": (\w+)\W\1.


find texts ending on a given pattern, e.g,. lastword$.


find texts containing characters other than from a given set, e.g.,


provide alternatives or options for finding texts, e.g,. U(SA|K) or colou?r.


find texts containing Unicode characters that cannot be entered directly on the local computer, e.g.,
(which is "about" in Japanese).


Note that when using the regular expression option you can also specify the Match case option.  When the Use regular expression option (Find Text dialog box) is checked, RC-WinTrans will also return text table entries with submatches, i.e., the match does not have to cover the whole text table item.


For a full reference of the regular expression syntax available in this dialog refer to "Regular Expression Language Elements."