Root Element (XML)

Each XML document has exactly one single root element. This element confines all the elements that follow it and is therefore the parent element to all these elements. The end-tag of the child element is always before the end-tag of the parent element- this is what is known as "nested elements."

<parent>    <– root element




Example – an XML document where the root element is "Symbols":

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>


<child element>

</child element>


RC-WinTrans reads the name of an XML file's root element and uses it to locate the XML parser (XSL stylesheet file) made for the XML file.

The names of XML parser files must follow a given file name convention where the name of the root element is part of the file name.

Example: "XMLParser-Symbols.xsl" (where "Symbols" is the root element).