SVG Viewer


The SVG Viewer is a free product available from Adobe ( to display XML-based scalable vector graphics.


"What is SVG?


Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a new graphics file format and Web development language based on XML. SVG enables Web developers and designers to create dynamically generated, high-quality graphics from real-time data with precise structural and visual control.


With this powerful new technology, SVG developers can create a new generation of Web applications based on data-driven, interactive, and personalized graphics."  [Excerpt from the Adobe website.]


RC-WinTrans uses the Adobe SVG Viewer to display the statistics and translation status pie charts.  The Report HTML page created by RC-WinTrans contains such pie charts as does the Statistics page for a project or group.


The Adobe SVG Viewer is not included in the installation of the RC-WinTrans software.  If the Adobe SVG Viewer is not installed then several graphics on RC-WinTrans' HTML pages will not be displayed.


The Adobe SVG Viewer can be downloaded for free from the Adobe website at