Translation Data File

A file that stores translation data as well as additional data such as tasks, notes, and bookmarks.  "Translation data file" can refer to:

XML (XLIFF) file (file extension: .rwtxlf) used in the XML-based storage method offered by RC-WinTrans.  With this storage option, each source file in a translation project has one translation data file for each target language.



The source file and the translation data file associated with it have a naming convention.


Source file: Application.exe

Japanese translation data file: Application_exe_ja.rwtxlf


The source file and translation data file are (required to be) located side by side in the same directory.

Database file (file extension: .fsmdb) used in the Microsoft Access database storage method offered by RC-WinTrans.

This storage option consolidates all translation data into a single file, as opposed to the multiple files created with the XLIFF storage method.


See also:  "Translation Project."