XML Parser (Definition)

Common definition: a software module used to read XML documents and provide access to their content and structure.

Definition in RC-WinTrans: an XSL stylesheet used by RC-WinTrans to read a particular XML document and to translate the text of specified XML elements and/or the text of XML attributes in an XML document.

The XSL stylesheet specifies translatable elements and attributes in a particular XML document as elements/attributes to be translated. It will be processed by an XSLT processor and the resulting XML file will be used by RC-WinTrans to pick out the elements to be translated.

NOTE - FILE NAMING CONVENTION: XML parser files (file extension = .xsl) follow a file naming convention. This convention dictates that the file name begin with the prefix "XMLParser-" followed by the name of the root element of the XML file for which the parser is made. For example: "XMLParser-Symbols.xsl" or "XMLParser-docroot.xsl."

The topic "XML Parser" describes how an XML parser can be created for and used by RC-WinTrans.