ActiveX Controls Dialog Box


The ActiveX Controls dialog box (see figure below) is only used for Win32 files.  It is used for the following purposes:


To see which ActiveX controls are included in the translation project(s).


To specify whether the text property data of an ActiveX control is to be extracted (from the binary property data) to be listed in the Text Table view and translated like all other text data.


To specify whether an ActiveX control should be made visible in the Dialog Box view.


Open this dialog from the Project menu using the ActiveX Controls Used (Win32 Files) command.


The Edit command button can be used to change the options for a selected ActiveX control entry in the ActiveX Control Data dialog box.


See also:  "Localizing ActiveX Control Data (Win32)."



Figure:  The ActiveX Controls dialog box with five ActiveX controls listed.  The number shown in the "Count" column indicates the number of times that the ActiveX control is included in the currently active project.