Custom Properties  Dialog Box   (.NET)

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Custom  properties (also: Non-standard propeties) (.NET) can be designated as a property with text to be translated.  The Custom Properties dialog box (Figure 1) is used to make a unknown property known to RC-WinTrans, after which it is handled as a translatable text item and included in the translation and word count statistics.  Prior to being designated as text property,a  nonstandard property is designated as "Unknown Property / Non-Text" .


The dialog box lists all custom properties used in the current translation project. The setting will be saved and used for the current translation project.


To open the Custom Resource Type dialog box you can use:


double-click on the item's "Type" cell in the Text Table view;  or


menu command:
"Project" | ".NET Custom Properties..."


Figure 1:   The Custom Properties dialog box used to specify  an unknown property as a property with text to be translated.



Data Filter for Unknown .NET Properties

RC-WinTrans has a filter that isolates all the custom properties in the active translation project.  When active, only the properties data for these unknown properties will be listed in the Project window's Text Table view).


Activate the filter by selecting the "Show Project Data" | "Custom .NET Properties" commands from the "View"  menu.



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