External Tool Dialog Box


Use the External Tool dialog box (see figure below) to specify an external tool for editing special resource types.


This dialog is accessed via the External Tools property page in the Options dialog, which is opened using the Options command from the Tools menu.



Edit Fields



Short name

Enter a short name for the tool (modifiable).


Tool (application file name)

The application file name of the tool should be given here.  Use the Browse button to the right of the edit field to browse for the application file.  Usually the tool will be entered including the path.  For a tool such as Notepad which is usually found through a global search path, the file name “notepad.exe“ can be entered by itself.


File extension(s)

Enter the file extension(s) of files that can be opened with the tool here.  More than one file extension can be entered, each separated by a comma.  The file extension does not need to be preceded by a period.

Note the File extension(s) edit field in the figure below.  Two file extensions (“htm“ and “html“) are specified there meaning that the specified tool (here: the FrontPage HTML Editor) will be called up for editing files with the file extensions “htm“ and “html.“



Figure:  The External Tool dialog box.