File Converter Settings Dialog Box


The File Converter Settings dialog box is used to specify the file type name and the supported file extensions of a selected file converter.


This dialog is accessed via the File Converters property page in the Options dialog, which is opened using the Options command from the Tools menu.



Figure:  The File Converter Settings dialog box.



Commands/Dialog Box Items


Macros file Field

The name of the VBA macros file where the converter is implemented.

File type (short description) Edit Field

A (user-defined) name used by RC-WinTrans in a "File Open" dialog box displayed when the user wants to add a file of this type to a translation project.

File extension(s) Edit Field

One or more extension(s) of the supported file types.  File extensions should be entered without a preceding dot; multiple file extensions should be separated by a comma.  Example: "txt, csv, adm"

VBA Group Box

Project name Edit Field

The name of the VBA project within the VBA development environment.  Usually it is the same as the name of the VBA macros file.

Module name Edit Field

The VBA module that implements the file converter macros.

Browse Button

Opens a "File Open" dialog box used to select a VBA macros file implementing one or more file converters.  After a macros file is selected, the Select File Converter dialog box is opened to select a single file converter.



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