Multiple Translation Check Dialog Box


If more than one target text is found for a source text during the import process, the Multiple Translation Check dialog box (see figure below) will appear.  When it does, the following options will be available:

Accept one of the choices you can either double-click a list item or single-click an item and then the Accept button.

Select the same target text for any subsequent occurrence of the source text currently shown, single-click a list item and then the Re-use selection button.

Prevent the further display of this dialog by checking the Don't show this dialog again. Always take the first possible translation. check box and click the Accept button.  In case of any future ambiguous translations the import will use the first target text found in the imported file.

Accept none of the choices by clicking the Skip button.

Stop the entire import process by clicking the Stop import button.



Figure:  The  Multiple Translation Check dialog box.