File Converters Property Page                                     [Options Dialog Box]


The File Converters property page lists all of the file converters available to support a certain file format (source file) to be translated with RC-WinTrans.  Initially, this property page lists all the converters supported by additional converters (VBA macros) supporting other file formats can be added.


Each entry in the Converters list (see figure below) names an available converter and its corresponding specifications.



Figure:  The File Converters property page with a number of converters listed.



Property Page Elements


Converters Listbox

A list of all the file converters available in RC-WinTrans that includes the following information:

File Type (Name)

The kinds of files supported by the listed converter.  The name can be specified by the user and is used by RC-WinTrans in "File Open" dialog boxes.

File Extension

The file extension(s) of the file(s) supported by the converter.

VBA Project

The name of the VBA project within the VBA development environment; usually has the same name as the VBA macros file.

VBA Module

The VBA module that implements the file converter macros.


Additional comments about a given converter appear here.


Command Buttons


Opens the File Converter Settings dialog box to add another file converter to the RC-WinTrans system.


Opens the File Converter Settings dialog box to edit the specifications of the selected converter.


Removes the selected converter from the Converters list.


Opens the XML Files Converter dialog box.

NOTE:  This command and the usage of two XSLT files to translate XML files is obsolete as of February 2007.  The current concept for translating XML files uses a single XML parser stylesheet which does not require any initializing or registration.

See also: "XML Parser (XML File Converter)."



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