Project Property Page


The Project property page of the Project Properties dialog box displays general information for a selected project.  This dialog box is also used to enter in the appropriate information whenever a new project is started.


Open the Project Properties dialog box by clicking on the Languages toolbar button (shown left).


The Project property page consists of the following items:


Project File Group Box:

Select Button

Calls up a file explorer to select a particular project file.


Name Field

Contains the name of the project file.


Path Field

Displays the path for the project file's location.



Select new or existing project file Button

Opens a dialog box where you can browse for a project file.

Name Field

Contains the name of the project.


Source files language Field

Indicates the language of the project's source files.  Use the down-arrow button on the right to display a drop-down menu containing a list of languages from which the appropriate entry can be selected.


OK Button

Confirms the selections and closes the dialog box.


Cancel Button

Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.


Figure: The Project Properties dialog box with the Project property page active.