Shortcut Properties Dialog Box   (Win32)


Use this dialog box to modify (translate) an accelerator key character (single keyboard character A Z, a z, or numbers 0 9), also called a shortcut.  Virtual key identifiers (VK_RETURN, VK_F1, etc.) and types cannot be changed.  The Reset command button sets the key character back to the character used in the source resource file.


Open the Shortcut Properties dialog box by right-clicking on the item in the Menu view and selecting the Shortcut command found in the local menu that appears (see figure below).


Win32 RC files are read and written as ANSI files, i.e., each character is represented as one byte in the file.  To support alphabets other than the standard ASCII set, RC-WinTrans automatically computes the code page number that refers to the language of the target file.


The symbol for an RC file in the RC-WinTrans' Projects Overview tab is similar to the one known from Microsoft Visual Studio.  The main resources are grouped as shown in the figure below.



Figure:  RC-WinTrans' Menu view with the Shortcut Properties dialog box opened to edit the accelerator key (shortcut) "Ctrl+H" for the menu item with the ID "ID_REPLACE."