User Data Dialog Box


The User Data dialog box is used to enter and display information about the user currently working with RC-WinTrans.


This dialog box is prompted automatically when RC-WinTrans is started for the first time.  Open the dialog manually by selecting the User Data command from the Tools menu.


An entry in the Short name field is required.  RC-WinTrans uses the short name as part of the information in the "history" entry of a modified translation unit.  Whenever a resource item (the text of a translation unit) is edited, RC-WinTrans creates a history entry for that translation unit. The "history" entry contains the time and date when the resource item was edited, the previous translation text (if there was one), and the short name of the user/editor.


The user data is stored in a Windows INI file in the user's private area of the current Windows system.



Figure:  The User Data dialog box.