Dictionaries Toolbar and Dictionary/TM Menu


Use the Dictionaries toolbar (Figure 1) or the Dictionary/TM menu (Figure 2) to call up commands for working with (all) available dictionaries and translation memories.


NOTE:  A selected dictionary command works for a certain dictionary depending on whether:

the dictionary is enabled as a find reference.

the dictionary is enabled as a save reference.

the dictionary supports the source and target languages of the current project.



Figure 1:  The Dictionaries toolbar.



Figure 2:  Dictionary/TM menu.



Dictionaries Toolbar  –  Command Buttons

(Figure 1)

Dictionary/TM Options

Opens the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box where you can set various options related to working with dictionaries.


Find Translation (F4)

Performs a Find Translation command for the currently selected item's source text in all dictionaries set as "find references."



The Auto-Translate command searches for matching translations and adds them to the corresponding source texts in the active translation project.  The operation will be performed for all items currently selected in RC-WinTrans's Text Table view.

The minimum match value for source texts compared in the auto-translate process can be specified on the Automatic Translation property page.


Save Translation

Saves the current source text and its translation to a dictionary.  Use the drop-down button on the right to enable or disable the auto-save function for dictionaries.


Start TM Workbench

Opens the RC-WinTrans TM Workbench.