Auto-Find/Save Property Page
Dictionary/TM Options Dialog Box]


The Auto-Find/Save property page is used to set certain options related to RC-WinTrans' auto-find and auto-save functions.  These functions are available for dictionaries and Trados translation memories that have been enabled as find references and/or save references in the Dictionaries view.


Open the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box by clicking on the Dictionary/TM Options toolbar button (shown left) or by using the same command from the Dictionaries menu.


See also:  "Dictionaries (Overview)."



Figure:  The Auto-Find/Save property page active in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog.



Auto-Find/Save Options


Enable auto-find function Checkbox

Check this option to enable an automatic search for a translation each time an item (translation unit) is selected.  The auto-find function references all dictionaries (and Trados translation memories) that have been enabled as find references.

Only if the source text is not translated Checkbox

Check this option to have auto-find suggest translations only if the item hasn't been translated yet (target text is empty).

Only if the translations are different Checkbox

Auto-find will only suggest a translation when the current target text differs from a translation found in a dictionary.

Only if the source text has at least these many characters Edit Field

Specify the minimum number of characters a source text must have in order to use auto-find.



Enable auto-save function Checkbox

Check this option to save the current translation (Translation Edit bar) to all applicable dictionaries/TMs (matching source/target languages and set as save references). When active the auto-save function will be executed automatically whenever a translation is confirmed ("Enter" key, OK/OK Next commands).