Automatic Translation Property Page
Dictionary/TM Options Dialog Box]


The Automatic Translation property page in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box contains various settings for the auto-translate function and lists the data sources currently available to automatically translate data (for the active source and target languages, i.e., only data sources that have same source and target languages as the ones for the active project can be used).


Open the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box by clicking on the Dictionary/TM Options toolbar button (shown left) or by using the same command from the Dictionaries menu.


See also:  "Automatic Translation (Overview)."



Figure:  The Automatic Translation property page active in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box.



Settings and Data Sources Display


Data Source(s) (Search in) Groupbox

Use the three checkboxes to specifiy which source(s) you want used in the auto-translate operation.  RC-WinTrans will search for matching translations in the active project, in other open projects, and/or in dictionaries, depending on which options are checked here.  Use the edit field to enter a minimum match value that specifies how similar the two (source) texts must be before automatic translation can occur.  The range may lie anywhere between 70% and 100%.



Options Groupbox

Minimum match value (%) Edit Field

The minimum match value (%) expresses the minimum acceptable degree of similarity between the current source segment and matching segments found in the dictionary/translation memory.  Fuzzy (partial) matches that fall below the minimum match value are treated as non-matches.  The minimum match value generally lies between 50% and 100%, with the default value being 60%.

Overwrite existing translations Checkbox

Check this option if you want existing translation texts to be overwritten by the auto-translate function.

Prompt to overwrite Checkbox

Check this option if you want to be prompted to confirm that an existing translation should be overwritten during the auto-translate operation.



Set Translation Status Groupbox

Assign a certain translation status to items that were automatically translated so you can easily find and review them in the project.  Select one state for texts that matched 100% and select another for texts that had a match value of less than 100%.



Set Marker Groupbox  (Re-check marker/Temporary marker Checkboxes)

Another way of marking items that were automatically translated is to set a re-check marker or a temporary (blue dot) marker for them.  Use the checkboxes given here to set your preferences.



Available data sources Display

Displays those sources which are currently available for use with the auto-translate function.  It lists data sources that support the same source and target language as in the active translation project.



TIP #1:  Translation Status

You can specify a certain translation status to be assigned to items that have been automatically translated with a source text match value of 100% or less.  For example, it is useful to give automatically translated items the translation status "for review" so that these can be easily found and reviewed in RC-WinTrans.

Default settings:

Translated with 100% match:  Translation status = "translated"

Translated with 50% – 99% match:  Translation status = "review translation"

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TIP #2:  "Origin" Column in the Text Table View

Items that have been translated automatically are marked as such in RC-WinTrans' Text Table view where the name of the data source (e.g,. "Logoport") used to translate the item and the source text's match value are both displayed in the Text Table view's "Origin" column.

Show or hide columns in the Text Table view using the following commands from the Windows menu: Text Table View | Show/Hide Columns.



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