Dictionaries Property Page
[Dictionary/TM Options Dialog Box]


The Dictionaries property page in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box is used to specify certain options for finding text in and saving text to dictionaries.


Open the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box by clicking on the Dictionary/TM Options toolbar button (shown left) or by using the same command from the Dictionaries menu.


See also:  "Dictionaries (Overview)."



Figure:  The Dictionaries property page active in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog.



Find and Save Options


Find Options Groupbox

(See also:  "Finding Translations in Dictionaries.")

Ignore ampersand (&) Checkbox

Check this option to ignore the ampersand character (&) (hotkey specification) in texts.

Match case Checkbox

Check this option to only import translation strings when the case matches the characters of the source text exactly.

Find substrings Checkbox

Check this option to see if the search text is included as a substring of a source text entry.

NOTE:  This option will automatically be changed depending on the state of the "Beginning with" and "Whole word" options.

Beginning with Checkbox

Check this option to force the find results to only contain entries that match the beginning characters of the search text exactly.

Whole word Checkbox

Matches text strings only if they are preceded and followed by a space, a tab character, punctuation mark, or the beginning or end of a line.  If this option is not selected, the command matches any string, regardless of whether it is a fragment of a larger string.



Save Options Groupbox

Add without ampersand (&) Checkbox

Check this option to omit the ampersand mnemonic prefix character (&) (hotkey specification) from texts that will be added to the dictionary.

Allow multiple source text entries in dictionaries Checkbox

Check this option if you want to allow multiple source text entries (i.e., one text with more than one translation) to be exported into the dictionary.  If this option is not checked identical texts will be overwritten by the export.