Finding Translations in Dictionaries



RC-WinTrans has three command options for finding a translation for a (the current) source text:


Dictionaries Toolbar/Menu

Use the Find Translation command from the Dictionaries menu or the toolbar button ( ) in the Dictionaries toolbar.


Source Edit Field (Translation Edit Bar)

Press the "Return" key while the Source edit field in the Translation Edit bar has the focus (input cursor).

NOTE:  You can use the Source edit field to enter a text and/or highlight specific text and search for a translation by pressing the "Return" key.


Shortcut Key

Use the F4 (find) function key to start finding a translation.  Use the SHIFT+F4 key combination (find and get) to find a translation and automatically copy the best result to the Translation edit field in the Translation Edit bar.



Find Options

The find translation operation is carried out according to the options set in the Dictionary/TM Options dialog box.



Output/Found Results

The results of a find translation operation are listed in the Dictionary Found Results list of the Translation Edit bar.  Click on the Get Translation icon ( ) to copy the translation text for the selected list item (in the Dictionary Found Results list) to the Translation edit field.



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