Error Information for .NET Files


There are two common problems which can occur while a .NET RESX or assembly file (EXE/DLL) file is being processed (read).  The occurrence of either of these problems prevents RC-WinTrans from reading the data from a .NET Forms file.  These are referred to generally as "data processing errors" in the explanation that follows.


The two errors are:


Error 4010: The resource is not localizable because the "Localizable" attribute has the value "false."


Error 4019: "The assembly file cannot be processed." (A custom control used in the .NET Windows Form is not available.)


Both data processing errors occur while the data of a .NET file is being accessed.  This affects the following processes:


Adding a .NET file to a translation project.


Updating the translation data if the source file has changed.


RC-WinTrans handles both data processing problems by allowing the process to continue and leaving error indication/information for the affected file in the translation database.  When error information is available for a file this will be indicated by this symbol on the file icon in the Projects Overview tab view (Figure 1).  The error information can be viewed by right-clicking on the item in the Projects Overview tab and selecting the command from the local menu that appears (see figure).



Indicates an error or a warning for one or more files in a .NET assembly file.

Indicates that error information exists for the file.



Figure:  The Projects Overview tab view showing an error (4010 or 4019) for a .NET resources file



Resolving Errors

The error indication remains until the issue has been resolved and the project's translation data has been updated for the affected file using the Update Database command on the Source Files property page (Source and Target Files dialog box).


Please refer to the "Errors and Warnings" topic for descriptions of how to resolve Error 4010/Error 4019.


Once the error has been resolved, update the database for the affected file on the Source Files property page (Source and Target Files dialog box).  If RC-WinTrans is able to process the file successfully the error indication is removed and the localizable data become available for translation.




Data processing errors are not indicated on the Source Files property page, nor is there any indication that the file needs to be updated.  Select the file and press the Update Database command to force RC-WinTrans to rereading the file and update the translation data.


Error 4010 does not necessarily have to be an error.  A .NET resource may have been purposely marked as not localizable by the software developer.