Word Count


RC-WinTrans' word count function counts the number of words contained in a translation project.  The word count is part of the statistics that RC-WinTrans generates for a project and is also included in the comprehensive project report that can be generated on command.


The word count is located on the Translation Status page (Extended View bar) along with other project statistics. Activate this page by selecting the Statistics command from the Project menu.


A report can be created for a project on the Report page, also located in the Extended View bar.  Use the Report command in the Project menu to access this page.  The report is an HTML document that can be taken in this form for further use elsewhere.


See also:  "Reports."




If you do not have a translation project but would like to count the number of words contained in one or more files, you can create a project expressly for the purpose of counting words.  In this case there would be no need to specify a target language for the project- just create a project and add the files for which the word count is to be performed.


Repetitions.  RC-WinTrans takes a word's context into account when looking for repetitions, i.e., a word that is used in different texts is not considered a repetition because the context is not the same.  A word is considered a repetition only when it appears in the exact same context more than once.



Project statistics displayed on the Translation Status page in the Extended View bar. The word count data is located in the lower part of the table.