Saving Text to a Translation Memory

Trados-related topic


The Save command adds the source and target text of the item currently selected in RC-WinTrans to the active Trados™ translation memory (TM) as a new translation unit (TU).


You can save a number of items to the the TM at once by selecting these in the Text Table view and then using the Save command.  Only translated items can be saved; if the target text is empty the translation unit will not be saved to the TM.


Save Translation (Trados Toolbar/Menu)

The command to save a selected translation unit(s) to the active TM is located in the Trados menu and in the toolbar.  The Save Translation(s) to Trados TM toolbar button is shown left.  The save function replaces the current translation for an existing source text or adds a new entry to the TM.



Enable the auto-save function if you want translations that are edited in the Translation Edit bar to be saved to the active Trados automatically (when the translation is saved/accepted in RC-WinTrans).

Use the drop-down button on the right part of the Save Translation button (shown above) to enable/disable the auto-save function for the Trados TM.


Note on Source and Target Language:  RC-WinTrans will only execute the Save command if the current source and target languages (RC-WinTrans translation project) are the same as the source and target languages in the active Trados TM.  When comparing the source/target languages, RC-WinTrans checks to see if the primary language identifier is the same.  This means that the language locale (e.g., "US" for English (US) or "Canada" for French (Canada)) is ignored.