Trados Properties Dialog Box

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The Trados Properties dialog box (see figure below) lists the properties of the active translation memory and its source and target languages.



Figure:  The Trados Properties dialog box.



Dialog Box Items



File name Field

Displays the name of the active translation memory (TM).


Source language Field

Indicates the TM's source language.


Target language Field

Indicates the TM's target language.


Minimum match value (%) Edit Field

The minimum match value (%) expresses the minimum acceptable degree of similarity between the current source segment and matching segments found in the TM.  Fuzzy (partial) matches that fall below the minimum match value are treated as non-matches.

The minimum match value generally lies between 60% and 75%, with the default setting at 70%. Find your preferred value by starting with a low percentage such as 50% and gradually increasing it until you find your ideal setting.


Maximum number of hits Edit Field

Use the maximum number of hits value to define the number of segment matches RC-WinTrans displays in its program window.  The maximum number of hits can fall anywhere between 1 and 50; the default value is 5.  The Translator's Workbench displays the match with the highest matching value first.

The higher the value for the maximum number of hits, the longer it takes the Translator's Workbench to search the TM.  We recommend that you work with a value of five hits, which is an adequate setting for most translations.


Translation units Display

Indicates the total number of translation units contained in the translation memory.


Multiple translations Display

“Yes“ if the TM is enabled to support multiple translation units; otherwise “no.“


Add new TU when target segment differs Checkbox

Selecting this option tells RC-WinTrans to add a new translation unit to the TM whenever the target segment differs in the translation memory (given that the source segments are identical).  This option is only available if the TM allows multiple translations.



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