The RC-WinTrans localization environment comes integrated with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  Together with the RC-WinTrans component object model, VBA technology helps make RC-WinTrans customizable, extendable, open for new solutions and capable of meeting changing requirements in software localization and workflow processes.


Add-ons are program utilities that enhance a primary program.  In RC-WinTrans, it is a software component that extends the application’s functionality.


Technically, an RC-WinTrans add-on is a VBA macros file (file extension = .macro) that has at least one procedure implemented that is to be executed.  The functionality is coded using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and can do virtually anything a user (third-party manufacturer or needs it to do in order to extend RC-WinTrans’ capabilities to suit their particular requirements.


RC-WinTrans add-ons extend RC-WinTrans’ existing capabilities to carry out specialized tasks and functions not already included in the application.  Add-ons have their own menu in RC-WinTrans to access the specified functionality (see Add-On menu, below).  The integration is seamless and can be realized with a minimum of time, cost and effort thanks to RC-WinTrans’ advanced technological design.



Examples of Add-Ons for RC-WinTrans


TM Workbench

TM Workbench Add-On product documentation...

Machine Translation

MT Add-On product documentation...

MS Excel Import/Export

Excel Import/Export Add-On product documentation...

TMX Import/Export

TMX Import/Export Add-On product documentation...

Extra Functions

Extra Functions Add-On product information...



Activating an Add-On for Use in RC-WinTrans

To activate an add-on, simply copy the add-on (the VBA macros file with the file extension *.macro) to the “Add-Ons” folder in the RC-WinTrans installation directory:

 <Install Dir>\RC-WinTrans\RC-WinTrans 9 Global\Add-Ons\


Once the add-on is available in/accessible from the “Add-Ons” folder, RC-WinTrans will automatically load the add-on into its VBA system at start-up.


Accessing Add-On Functionality: The Add-On Menu

The special functionality of a given add-on is accessed via RC-WinTrans’s Add-On menu (see figure below).  An add-on component usually adds one or more menu items (commands) to the Add-On menu.


NOTE:  The Add-On menu is available since March 2007 (Version 8.5.3.x).  Previous versions of RC-WinTrans do not have an Add-On menu.


Figure:  The Add-On menu in RC-WinTrans to which commands related to two different add-ons (Logoport, TMX) have been added.


Obtaining an Add-On

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