User Macros


RC-WinTrans comes with one "user macro" file (file name: "UserMacro.macro") already added to the integrated VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) system.  In addition to this it is possible to create your own macros files and add them to the RC-WinTrans VBA environment using the VBA Macros Files property page (Project Properties dialog box).


The (already existing) user macro ("UserMacro.macro") is an example of a user macros file added to the RC-WinTrans system.  The macro can be used (copied and modified) to add your own macros (methods and functions).


Initially the user macros file contains two macros:


a macro that opens a "Hello World!" message box.


a sample for a "TargetFileName" macro function.



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Figure:  The Microsoft VBA development environment with the "UserMacro" project selected.



Macros File Location

The default location for VBA macros files is the "\VBAMacros" folder in the RC-WinTrans installation directory.  The location of the macros file may be changed if desired.