VBA Help


Direct help for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications and for all RC-WinTrans COM objects is available from within the VBA integrated development environment (IDE).  Documentation is provided for all RC-WinTrans objects, methods, parameters, member variables, enumerations, and events.


The help system is accessed from within the VBA IDE Editor using either of the following methods:

F1 Function Key

Use the F1 function key to open the help for a selected object or method.  First select (give the focus to) the object or method (the text in the Editor), then press the F1 key.


RC-WinTrans objects are enabled for use with the IntelliSense mechanism (see figure below). IntelliSense lets you get help on elements without leaving the code editor.  You can remain in the current context, find the information you need, and insert language elements directly into your code. You can even have IntelliSense complete your typing for you.



Figure:  The VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) integrated development environment (IDE) in which IntelliSense has automatically opened a list of available methods and events for the currently selected RC-WinTrans object.



NOTE:  The complete reference guide for RC-WinTrans objects can be opened using the RC-WinTrans COM Objects command from the Help menu.



Microsoft VBA Help: Languages

The Visual Basic for Applications help system is available in 12 different languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.


The language of the VBA Help can be changed using the User Interface property page in the Options dialog box.


NOTE:   The RC-WinTrans installation package installes  the languages English, German, and French.  All VBA languages are available at the RC-WinTrans customer download site.

  Download site:  http://www.schaudin.com/download/download_v8.aspx