Differences Tab View                                                 [Miscellaneous Bar]


The Differences tab view in the Miscellaneous bar displays the differences between two source texts and/or two translations in the following instances:



Uniform Translation Error (Check Results View)

Differing translations found by the uniform translation check are displayed in the Differences tab view when you click on an error listed in the Check Results tab view.



Different Translation Found in Dictionary (Dictionary Found Results List)

The differences between the active translation unit (source and target texts) and a translation unit listed in the Dictionary Found Results list can also be displayed in the Differences tab view.


Please note that the Differences tab view does not display the differences between previous and current source texts for items that have changed after an update has been performed.  These differences can only be viewed in the Translation Edit bar.



Figure:  The Differences tab view showing the differences between two French translations for the English source text "Main Toolbar."