Task List Tab View                                                         [Miscellaneous Bar]


The Task List tab view (see figure below) in the Miscellaneous bar displays a list of tasks and bookmarks that are associated with the currently active project.  Tasks are usually things that need to be done for a specific item (translation unit) contained within a project.  Tasks can be thought of as a kind of "to-do list" for a translator.


There are two types of tasks: "user tasks" and "re-check" tasks.  The only differences between these are the name/meaning and the symbol used for each:

Task marker ("user tasks").

Re-check markers ("re-check" tasks).


In addition to tasks, the Task list also lists bookmarks that have been set in the project.


Double-clicking on an entry in the list causes the item to be selected in the Text Table view as well as in the Translation Edit bar; accordingly, selecting an item that bears such a marker/note in either of those views will highlight the corresponding Task List entry in the Task List view.  You can also use the Go To button (green arrow, far left) in the toolbar at the top of the view to activate the selected item in the Text Table view/Translation Edit bar.



Figure:  The Task List view selected in the Miscellaneous bar.



Adding a Task

A task can be attached to a translation unit by selecting the translation unit in the Text Table view and by using the Task Marker button ( ) in the Item State toolbar.


Each task has an associated description text by default.  This text can be freely edited by selecting the task and using the Edit Entry command button ( ) in the Task List view.  You can also single-click on a selected entry to enable editing.


Initially tasks are unchecked, indicating that the task needs to be performed.  These are therefore capable of being unchecked to indicate that the task has been completed.



Processing a Task

Double-click on a list entry to select the corresponding translation unit in the Text Table view.


NOTE:  If the translation unit is not currently visible (not listed) in the Text Table view, a Flash Info window will appear to inform the user of this.


A task can be designated as "completed" (without deleting it) by checking the check box beside the entry in the Task list.



Deleting a Task

To delete a task select the corresponding entry and press the Delete button in the toolbar at the top of the view.  You can also select the item and click on the Task Marker toolbar button ( ) in the Item State toolbar.



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