Overlapping Tab View                                                   [Dialog Box View]


The Overlapping tab view (Dialog Box view) indicates whether the currently selected dialog box item overlaps another control, and provides options for resolving the (potential) issue.



Figure: The Dialog Box view with the WYSIWYG display on top and the Overlapping tab active at the bottom.  The tab alerts the user to overlapping items in the dialog.





Layout Editor Groupbox


Enable Layout Editor Button

Activates the layout edit mode to resize dialog boxes or resize/reposition control items.


Open External .NET Editor Button

Opens the external .NET Forms Editor.

NOTE: This command is only available if the selected dialog box is .NET Windows Form.


Undo Button

Undoes all changes made to the dialog box layout since the Save command was last used.



Overlapping Check Groupbox


Enable checking Checkbox

Uncheck this option if you want to exclude the selected dialog box item from the overlapping item check.  The check will skip the control and no errors will be reported for it.



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