Tools Bar


The Tools bar is the place inside the RC-WinTrans main frame window where HTML pages used for selected operations are displayed.  The HTML pages are a part of the RC-WinTrans user interface and are collectively referred to as the "HTML GUI" of RC-WinTrans.


The Tools bar is a toolbar bar docked in the main frame window.  Commands that use an HTML page in the Tools bar will activate the bar even if it is hidden.  Show/Hide the Tools bar manually using the F7 function key or the Tools Bar command from the View menu.


Help topics are available for each of the HTML pages in the HTML GUI; the Help command button located on each page opens the related help topic.   A right mouse-click opens a local menu with the commands available for the active page.



Figure:  The Tools bar with the Statistics page active in the Commands view (primary view).



Tab Views


Commands Tab

The Commands tab view is loaded with a certain HTML page when certain commands are selected in RC-WinTrans.  The content area may have another (sub)menu at the top depending on the selected topic.


User-Page I and II Tabs

These tab views can be used to display your own RC-WinTrans user interface HTML pages.