Projects Overview Tab                                                      [Workspace Bar]


The Projects tab view in the Workspace bar shows existing translation projects and the files contained in a translation project.  Individual project files can be expanded down to the individual items (content) contained in a file such as dialog boxes and dialog box items.  Commands (local toolbar and menu) are available to manage a workspace and a project.  Indicators show the status of a project or a file- for example, a changed source file automatically gets a red dot on the project item and file items.


Files can be added to a project using the Add File toolbar button; to remove a file from a project, select the file item and press the "Delete" key.


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Figure 1:  The Workspace bar with the

 Projects Overview  tab selected.





















New Project Button

Open Project Button

Add File Button

Refresh Button





Translation project:

Project is open.

Project is closed.

A source file in the project has changed.



Indicates errors or warnings for one or more files in a .NET assembly file.