VBA Macros Files Property Page
(Options Dialog Box)


The VBA Macros Files property page is used to create new VBA macros files and to add or remove macros files to/from the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) system that has been integrated into RC-WinTrans.  The property page is part of the Options dialog box which is accessed via the Options command in the Tools menu.


Figure: The VBA Macros Files property page in the Options dialog box.



The VBA Macros Files page consists of the following elements:

Macros files Listbox

Each entry in the Macros files list identifies a macros file added to the VBA system that has been integrated into RC-WinTrans:

VBA Project Name

The name of the VBA project.  This name can be specified by the user and is used in the Project Explorer window of the VBA integrated development environment (IDE).

File Name

The file name of the VBA macros file.


The location of the VBA macros file.

See also: Macros Files Directory.


Version of the VBA macro project.


  "System":  RC-WinTrans system macro. Delivered with RC-WinTrans.

  "auto-loaded": automatically loaded macro project.
                     The macro file is placed in the RC-WinTrans "Add-Ons" folder.

Macros Files Groupbox (Command Buttons)

New Button

Opens the New Macros File dialog box to create a new macros file.

Add Button

Opens an Open File dialog box to select and add an existing macros file.

Remove Button

Removes the macros file currently selected in the Macros Files listbox.