Product Overview
Windows and Toolbars
    Graphical User Interface (GUI): Overview
    Project Window
    Project Window Toolbar
    Dialog Box View
       Dialog Box View
       Dialog Box View Toolbar
       Dialog Box Layout Editor
       Layout Editing Toolbar
       Size and Position Bar
       Tab Views
          Captions Tab
          Font and RTL Tab
          Hotkey Check Tab
          Overlapping Tab View
          Properties Tab
          Repetitions Tab
          Size/Position Tab View
          Text Fit Tab View
    .NET Windows Forms Editor
    Menu View
    Menu Preview Window
    Workspace Bar
    Translation Edit Bar
    Miscellaneous Bar
    Checks Toolbar
    Item State Toolbar
    Flash Info Window
    Dictionaries Toolbar
    Extended View Bar
    Quick Active Window Change
Tools and Commands
File and File Types
Assistants and Editors
.NET-Related Topics
Translation Memories
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Command Line Processing
Add-Ons Documentation
Add-On Availability
Migration: RC-WinTrans 5-7 to RC-WinTrans 9
System Requirements
Release Notes
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