Changes Handling


Source File Changes, Translation Data Preserved

RC-WinTrans X8 supports update handling in instances where the source file has changed and the localized file(s) need to be updated to include the same information that is contained in the source file. In such cases the data contained in the current source file is compared to the source data contained in the file that is being worked on in order to determine what exactly has changed.  You then have the option of updating the file right away or of generating a changes report that lists everything that has been added to, deleted from, or changed in the source data.  During the update process RC-WinTrans makes sure that none of the existing translation data gets lost.


Changes Indication and Update Procedure

Source File Changes Indication

A changed source file is indicated in the Projects Overview window (Figure 1) and on the Source Files page of the Source and Target Files dialog box (Figure 2).


NOTE:  This is only an indication that a source file has changed.  The RC-WinTrans translation project will be updated, merging new and changed data as well as removing deleted data, in the next step.



Figure 1:  Changes in the source file are indicated by a red dot on the project item and on the file item in RC-WinTrans' Projects Overview window.



Figure 2:  Changed source files are also indicated on the Source Files property page of the Source and Target Files dialog box.  A changed file is indicated by a red "X"-mark and the status text "changed."



Update Translation Database

To update the underlying project data of changed source files, use the Update (selected) or the Update (checked) commands on the Source Files page (Figure 3).  RC-WinTrans will check the changed source file(s) for data that is new, changed, or that has been removed.


To view a list of all the changes before performing the update, click on the Preview (selected) or the Preview (checked) button.



Figure 3:  The Source Files page (Source and Target Files dialog box) with the Update command buttons outlined in red.  The commands are used to update the translation database for a changed source file(s).



Source Text Changes Display

Translation units for which the source text has changed are indicated to the user in the following ways:


Changed Source Tab View (Workspace Bar)

Provides a list of all items which have changed since the translation project was updated. This view (Figure 4) lets you see all the affected resources at a glance, and clicking on an item in the list selects it in both the Text Table view and the Translation Edit bar where it can be translated, reviewed, and/or modified.


Text Table View

Red font is used for the target texts of changed items to make them easier to find in the Text Table view (Figure 5). After the target text has been confirmed the font color will revert back to the one selected on the Font Style & Color tab (Options dialog box).

The colored status bar in the Text Table view (Figure 5) helps you to quickly identify any changed items needing to be reviewed and/or modified (by marking those items with the status color explicitly specified for changed items).

An Alert symbol ( ) and the text “changed source” appear in the “Comment” column of affected items (Figure 5).


Translation Edit Bar

Displays changes made to a selected translation unit in the Previous and Current Translation fields where the exact changes are highlighted in yellow (Figure 6). The standard changes indicator, the red-dot marker, is also shown here.



Figure 4:  The Workspace bar’s Changed Source view showing a list of changed items found during the update process.



Figure 5:  Changed items indication in the Text Table view.



Figure 6:  Changed item indi-cation in the Translation Edit bar.




New (non-translated) items are marked in the Text Table view with a specific status indication color in the Text Table view and are given the state "new" (shown in the "State" column).


Isolating Changed Items

There are three different ways that changed items can be isolated (shown while excluding all other status types) in the Text Table view:


Changed items are automatically isolated in the Text Table view when you click on an item listed in the Changed Source view (Workspace bar).


Use the filtering toolbar buttons in the Project window (shown right) to show changed items only (Show Items with Changed Source button) or hide translated and non-translated items.


To select and isolate changed items, use the Select by State | Changed Source command from the Edit menu. Then press the Show Selected Only toolbar button (shown left) in the Project window.


Update Translation Text

Update items with changed source texts by entering a translation (or modifying the existing one) in the Translation Edit bar and pressing the OK or the OK ( _ ) button.  Alternatively, text can be entered/modified directly in the Text Table view or in the Repetitions tab view below it.  Once the translation has been confirmed, the item's translation state will go from "changed" to "translated" and the change indicators (red dot, red text, etc.) will be removed.



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