Import/Export with Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel can be used to send text to translators and import (merge) the translated or reviewed text back into the RC-WinTrans translation project.  RC-WinTrans' import and export

capabilities for Excel spreadsheets (.xls) are direct and easy to use.  An Import/Export Assistant helps export variable data combinations to an Excel spreadsheet, and data can be appended to an existing spreadsheet if you choose.



Figure 1: The Project window with six items selected for export to an Excel spreadsheet in the Text Table view (left).



Figure 2:  The Export Assistant for exporting data to an Excel spreadsheet.



Figure 3:  The Microsoft Excel application with the Excel spreadsheet containing the exported text items from Figures 1 and 2.



NOTE ON TEXT FILES:  The same import and export capabilities are available for character-separated text files (.csv, .txt).




An RC-WinTrans X8 Add-On improving the import to/export from MS Excel operations is also available for purchase and download on our Website.  To learn more please refer to the online help for this add-on.



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