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This topic contains archived "What's New" descriptions for all RC-WinTrans X8 service releases for the year 2005.  Release notes from 2006 are located in a separate archive.  Please refer to the "What's New" topic for information on the latest releases of RC-WinTrans X8.



November 2005 Service Release (Build-Version


Start-Up Guide (Handbook/User Manual)


The new RC-WinTrans X8 Start-Up Guide is now available as a printable Adobe PDF file.



October 2005 Service Release (Build-Version


.NET Forms Editor


The new .NET Forms Editor provides one-of-a-kind display and editing capabilities for .NET Windows Forms.  The visualization and editing of .NET custom controls as well as visual Form and control inheritance are also supported.


All Translations View


The All Translations view shows the translation and translation status for a selected item and for all target languages.


Microsoft Excel Import/Export Assistant


Import and Export Assistant supporting flexible data import and export to/from Microsoft Excel. Translation texts for multiple languages can be exported and imported with or without hotkeys and information such as the source file name and item IDs may be included.


Repetitions Handling


The handling for multiple, identical source text items (repetitions) now features the following improvements:

Ampersand characters (&) can now be ignored for source texts listed in the Repetitions view.

It is now possible to "jump" to the location of any item in the project by double-clicking on the item in the Repetitions view.


Properties View


The Properties view automatically displays the properties of the currently selected item.  Properties can be displayed for a selected translation project, source file, group, or translation unit.


Source and Target Files Dialog Box


Source and Target Files dialog box with file status indication, source file changes preview, and update database commands for changed source files.  A command to write target files for all languages at once is also available.


Translation Status


The current  translation status is now shown in the status bar.


Changed Source Text Indication


Translation text where the source text has been changed is now shown colored in red.
Source text that has been excluded from translation is now shown in gray.


Alphabetical Sorting


Alphabetical sorting can be switched on an off by clicking on the appropriate column header with the mouse.


Target File Encoding


The character encoding for a target file can be easily selected in the new Source and Target Files dialog box.



July 2005 Service Release (Build-Versions Prior to


Translation Projects


A translation project can include any number of files to be translated.  The creation, display, and translation of target files is performed for all the files contained in a project, i.e., the text of all the files are listed and handled together.  Multiple text items are translated in one step so that identical texts only have to be translated once.  Project bundles can be used to send and receive project data to/from translators.


Repetitions View


The Repetitions view automatically lists all the texts contained in a project which are identical to the currently selected item.  All the repetitions can be translated at once, reducing the overall amount of work and saving time.

NOTE: A new "Unique Translation" attribute lets you designate a text item as to be translated uniquely (differently than the other repetitions).


Previous and Current Source Text Comparison


RC-WinTrans visually indicates the exact changes which have been made to a source text in a specialized display in the translation entry/edit area (Translation Edit bar).  This lets the translator quickly identify changes and correctly edit the existing translation instead of having to enter in the entire translation over again.


Task List


The Task List window lists all the tasks, bookmarks, and re-check markers contained in a project. These markers indicate the presence of additional information for translation units.


State Flags


State flags are provided to specify the translation state of a translation unit.  A visual overview of the various states can be found on the Translation Status page.  It is also possible to filter the items listed in the Text Table view according to state.


Word Count and Statistics


Word count and statistical statistical overview for translation projects.


Inline Editing in the Text Table View


In addition to assisted translation in the Translation Edit bar, translations can also be entered directly in the Text Table view.


Source File View


The Source File view provides a view of the source code for a translation unit and highlights the text to be translated.


Command Line Tool


RC-WinTrans now features a command line tool (rwtcmd.exe) with an extendable set of commands (via VBA macros).  Batch file samples are provided.


Windows Scripting Support


Available via RC-WinTrans' COM automation interface.  Scripting automation samples are provided.


Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)


RC-WinTrans X8 has integrated Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for advanced problem-solving and customization capabilities.  Macros can be developed using the Visual Basic integrated development environment (IDE) and RC-WinTrans X8's powerful object model featuring access to a wide range of COM components.


XML File Database


Translation data is saved in the XML (XLIFF*) file format.  RC-WinTrans works with XLIFF data exclusivley throughout all processes.  Files to translate are converted to the XLIFF file format and converted back again to create the translated target file.

* XLIFF = XML Localization Interchange File Format


Product Languages


RC-WinTrans X8's user interface is available in English and in French.




The following three file format are supported for dictionaries:

Trados translation memories (TMs)

Text file (.csv) dictionaries

TMX format dictionaries

Text files and TMX dictionaries can have multiple languages.  The languages supported by a dictionary can be used in any combination (direction).


Object Model/OLE Automation


Designed to fit the underlying XLIFF data perfectly, the RC-WinTrans object model encompasses project and file management, XML tools, general tools, and GUI access objects.  Event handling is also included.


Custom HTML Pages


RC-WinTrans users can create their own HTML pages to be used as user views and as real COM clients interacting extensively with RC-WinTrans.  HTML pages (as RC-WinTrans COM clients) can be placed inside of the RC-WinTrans application or used separately in Microsoft Internet Explorer.


RC-WinTrans ActiveX Control


A new RC-WinTrans ActiveX control can be used to integrate RC-WinTrans into any COM client application or HTML page. The ActiveX control simplifies the use of the RC-WinTrans application as a COM server.


File Converter Concept


RC-WinTrans X8 operates on the basis of a modular converter concept for converting software files to XLIFF files and vice versa. It can be extended through custom converters (VBA macros) to translate virtually any file type.


Custom Solutions


The open and non-proprietary standard technologies on which RC-WinTrans X8  is based make it possible for us to offer our services in creating highly comprehensive, custom solutions at a reasonable cost.  Users can also create, integrate, and maintain their own custom solutions themselves.  Sufficient knowledge of VBA and, depending on the solution, of HTML and XML is required.




The following features from previous versions of RC-WinTrans are not available in RC-WinTrans X8:


Win32 EXE Files

Writing a multiple-language EXE file.


Win32 RC Files

Writing a multiple-language RC file.


Access Project Database

At this time the project databases (.mdb, .xdb, .edb and .tdb) of the predecessor versions cannot be used by RC-WinTrans X8.  RC-WinTrans X8 provides a command "Data Migration: RC-WinTrans 5-7" to be used to transfer the data from an RC-WinTrans 5-7 database into an RC-WinTrans X8 translation project..

See also:  "Migrating from Previous Versions of RC-WinTrans."



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