Add-ons are program utilities that enhance a primary program.  In RC-WinTrans, it is a software component that extends the applicationís functionality.

Technically, an RC-WinTrans Add-On is a VBA macros file (file extension = .macro) that has at least one procedure implemented that is to be executed.  The functionality is coded using Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and can do virtually anything a user (third-party manufacturer or needs it to do in order to extend RC-WinTransí capabilities to suit their particular requirements.


RC-WinTrans X8 Add-Ons extend RC-WinTransí existing capabilities to carry out specialized tasks and functions not already included in the application.  Add-ons have their own menu in RC-WinTrans to access the specified functionality (see "Add-On menu," below).  The integration is seamless and can be realized with a minimum of time, cost and effort thanks to RC-WinTransí advanced technological design.



Figure:  Example of commands added to RC-WinTrans' Add-On menu as a result of enabling a particular add-on.



RC-WinTrans Add-Ons are easy to activate and the functionality that they supply is accessed directly through the interface with the addition of relevant commands to RC-WinTrans' Add-On menu (see figure above).


NOTE:  The Add-On menu is available since March 2007 (Version 8.5.3.x).  Previous versions of RC-WinTrans X8 do not have an Add-On menu.



Examples of Available Add-Ons

RC-WinTrans Add-Ons have already been successfully integrated into the localization environment to accommodate specialized functionality such as:


Microsoft Excel Import/Export

Extends the original import and export functions from/to an Excel spreadsheet with (1) quicker, simpler application of both operations; (2) additional options to better control their results; and (3) VBA functions allowing the processes to be automated.  Details...


Google™ Machine Translation

This add-on provides access to machine translations generated by the Google Translation Web interface to quickly and easily supply translations while working with RC-WinTrans.  Details...


Multiline Editor

Allows texts containing new line and tab control characters to be displayed and edited in RC-WinTrans.  Details...


Extra Functions

Implements a set of additional functions created to accommodate certain user requests and suggestions.  Details...



Obtaining an Add-On

Creating an add-on is a programming task and can be done with integrated Microsoft VBA development environment.  Please contact for information and assistance.