Windows Win32 Software


RC-WinTrans X8 provides extensive support for the localization of Windows Win32 software.  Microsoft Visual Studio is the primary supported development platform using the C++ programming language (with or without using the MFC library).


Now available:  Localization support for combo-boxes (editing, display, text fit check, etc.).




The following file types are supported:

RC, DLG (resource script files)

EXE (binary application files)

DLL (binary dynamic library files)

OCX (ActiveX control files)



Dialog Box Resources

RC-WinTrans X8 has an integrated Dialog Box view and Layout Editor for the localization of dialog boxes.  The Dialog Box view displays a dialog box resource in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode while the Layout Editor lets you edit the layout to adapt it to the requirements of the target language.



Figure 1:  RC-WinTrans' Dialog Box view with source and target views for an opened dialog box resource.



Menu Resources

Menu resources can be edited in a menu tree view showing the structure of a selected menu.  A menu preview is also available for viewing a translated menu as an actual Windows menu.



Figure 2:  The Menu view with source and target views for an opened dialog box resource.



Image Resources

Images and icons can be "translated" using your favorite graphics tool(s).  RC-WinTrans starts the graphic tool with the source image and imports the created image as the "translated" target image.



Figure 3:  RC-WinTrans with the Paintbrush application opened to edit the selected image.



Third Party ActiveX Controls

A Win32 resource script file (RC) (and consequently binary Win32 EXE and DLL files as well) can contain the binary property data of an ActiveX control as streamed binary data in a DLGINIT resource.  A DLGINIT resource belongs to a dialog box resource that contains the ActiveX control. RC-WinTrans handles this binary data so that it can be translated/localized.


An example of this would be one of the popular grid controls from FarPoint technologies (Spread 7) or ComponentOne (FlexGrid 8).  The text data of these controls (such as the column header text) is saved in binary in the RC or EXE files of your software.  Translation of a control's text with RC-WinTrans occurs as follows:


The grid control is displayed in the context of the respective dialog box resource (true WYSIWYG).


RC-WinTrans allows the respective Grid Editor to be opened for editing the controls.


RC-WinTrans handles the translated (binary) data for the respective translated target file.



Figure 4: A dialog box with a Spread 7 control from FarPoint Technologies.
Language: English.



Figure 5: The dialog box from Figure 4 after translation with RC-WinTrans.

Language: German.



Accelerator Table Resources

The accelerator keys of accelerator table resources can be edited with an appropriate accelerator key resource type editor.



Figure 6:  RC-WinTrans with a resource type editor opened to edit the selected accelerator key.



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