Version 7 Release Notes

RC-WinTrans 7 Professional Edition

RC-WinTrans 7 Translator's Edition


Latest Build Version:  (October 2010)

Build Type:

Unicode Version for  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.





October 2010/

Registration of the RC-WinTrans 7 application by the setup program.

June 2010/

Ignoring .NET WPF resources.

July 2009/

Bugfix for a command line function and installation changes.

June 2009/

Bugfix for message compiler (MC) resources in Win32 EXE and DLL files; installation program changes.

August 2008/

Newly-added support for the translation of static data (tree nodes) of .NET TreeView controls.

June 2008/

Bugfix for the export to Unicode text file function.

May 2007/

Setup updated for Windows Vista.

March 2007/

.NET 2.0 improvements.

Jan. 2007/

Compatibility update for reading and writing .NET 2.0 files.

Sept. 2006/

.NET 1.1/2.0 configuration; missing languages added.

Jan. 2006/

Miscellaneous bugfixes.

Nov. 2005/

Fixes: Multi-line flag in RC files; import from TMX files.

Aug. 2005/

Fixes: Unicode RC (target) files; "Write Target File" command (Win32 resources/
ActiveX controls).

March 2005/7.1.x

New Trados option; miscellaneous bugfixes.

July 2005/

Miscellaneous bugfixes.

May 2005/

Fix for writing target Win32 RC files with an Asian Windows OS.

March 2004/

Improvement for finding translations in a Trados TM; miscellaneous bugfixes.

Feb. 2004/

Miscellaneous bugfixes.

Jan. 2004/

New features and improvements; minor bugfixes.

Oct. 2003/

Fix for reading/writing large DLGNIT data (>65,565 bytes).

14. Sept. 2003/

Fixes: Writing RC files; writing multiple-language RC files.

05. Sept. 2003/

Fixes for translating .NET files (RESX and EXE/DLL).

Aug. 2003/

Various improvements and fixes.

June 2003/

Miscellaneous bugfixes.

May 2003/

New features and improvements; miscellaneous bugfixes.

March 2003/

New features and improvements; miscellaneous bugfixes.

Jan. 2003/

New features and improvements; miscellaneous bugfixes.

Dec. 2002/

Fix for the "\RC" and "Write Target File" command line functions and Win32 RC files.

Nov. 2002/

New features and improvements; minor bugfixes.

Sept. 2002/

Miscellaneous bugfixes.








212    Fix

Windows 7 – Registering RC-WinTrans:  The RC-WinTrans 7 application is now registered in the Windows registry by the RC-WinTrans setup program.  Previously registration occurred during start-up but this does not work under Windows Vista and Windows 7.


JUNE 2010

211    Fix

.NET WPF resources:  Ignoring WPF resources in .NET assemblies.  An error was thrown whenever a .NET assembly contained WPF resources. Now WPF resources are ignored and are not included in the target assembly created by RC-WinTrans 7.

NOTE:  RC-WinTrans 7 supports .NET 1.1 and 2.0.  RC-WinTrans 9 supports all .NET Framework versions (.NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0).


JULY 2009

210    Fix

"IsTranslated" command line command:  When all text items have been translated the "IsTranslated" command line function sometimes returned a value of 99% instead of 100%.

209    Fix

Installation:  The component "RCWinTransAddIn.ocx" could not be registered.  This error was introduced with the previous build


JUNE 2009

#207    Fix

Message compiler resources:  Message compiler (MC) texts in Win32 application files (EXE, DLL)  were not read or written correctly when the MC text is saved Unicode-encoded in the resources of the application file..

#206    Fix

Installation:  The installation of the MS MFC DLLs used by RC-WinTrans have been moved from the Windows "System32" folder to the RC-WinTrans "Program" folder.



#205    New

.NET TreeView controls:  Support for the translation of .NET TreeView controls with static text data (tree nodes) has been added.

NOTE:  The Forms Editor still does not display TreeView controls with data content.


JUNE 2008

#204    Fix

Export to Unicode-encoded text file:  Using the (column) separator character caused incorrect characters to be written to the text file.


MAY 2007


Update for Windows Vista:  The setup (installation) program has been updated to allow RC-WinTrans to be installed on Windows Vista.


MARCH 2007


The .NET type "HeaderText" has been added to the list of internal .NET types to make the text (column header text) visible and capable of being translated.


The .NET Properties tab view now shows a "Comment/Errror" property. This property is displayed for a selected .NET assembly file (Project Tree view) if an error has occurred while adding the file to the database or while updating the database.




Reading/Writing of .NET 2.0 files:  .NET 2.0 RESX and assembly files (EXE/DLL) can now be read and created as required for .NET 2.0.  Before all .NET files were handled as .NET 1.1 files.

The .NET Properties tab view indicates the Framework version for which a file was created.


Java properties files parser:


Additional syntax added for comments, e.g. an HTML comment
(<!--  comment text  -->) or a C/X++ comment (/*  comment text  */).


The ampersand character ("&") can now be used in the key (ID).


Number of Trados translation memories shown in the recent files list increased from 6 to 10.

#197 –  New

New Visual Basic script to count items and words:

Script file name:  "CountWords-ProjectFiles-SelLang.vbs"

Folder location:  <InstDir>\RC-WinTrans 7\Scripts\




.NET:  .NET assembly Forms that cannot be processed are still added to the database and are visible in the project files tree view.  There is now an indication on the file item in the Projects tree view telling you that the Form data wasn't read and is unavailable.


.NET Options property page:


Indication of the .NET Framework version used by RC-WinTrans.


Option to select the .NET Framework version (1.1 or 2.0) used by RC-WinTrans.

Background info: RC-WinTrans 7 can only process a .NET RESX file or a .NET assembly file (created for the .NET Framework 1.1 or 2.0) if RC-WinTrans 7 itself is running with the same Framework version.  Use the .NET Options page to select the .NET Framework version.


Target languages list extended:

"Belarusian"  |  be  |  BLR  |  35

"Belarusian-Belarus"  |  be-BY  |  BLR  |  1059

"Italian" (neutral)  |  it  |  ITA  |  16  (previously only "it-IT")

"Japanese" (neutral)  |  ja  |  JPN  |  17  (previously only "ja-JP")

"Swedish" (neutral)  |  sv  |  SV  |  29  (previously only "sv-SE")

"Swedish (Finland)"  |  sv-FI  |  SVF  |  2077

#192    Fix

Win32 Dialog Box Editor:  The ID of an edit control was not shown in the Properties dialog box.



#191    Fix

.NET text property "HelpString":  The standard .NET text property "HelpString" was not added to the translation database and was not displayed for translation in the Text Table view.

#190    Fix

Bugfix for dictionaries:  An error message appeared when adding a translation to an RC-WinTrans dictionary; an existing translation was not updated with a new translation text.



#187    Fix

Multi-line flag in RC files:  The multi-line flag that is set for items such as button controls was not used in the target RC file.

#186    Fix

Import from TMX files:  Text is not imported from a TMX file created by Trados because of case-sensitive language codes (e.g., "en-us"; "de") in RC-WinTrans.  RC-WinTrans uses lowercase letters whereas Trados may use uppercase letters.



#185    Fix

Unicode RC files- target files:  RC files encoded as Unicode could not be created using RC-WinTrans' command line.

#184    Fix

"Write Target File" command for Win32 resources and ActiveX controls:  RC-WinTrans crashed when writing a target Win32 RC or EXE file.  This problem can occur if the RC/EXE file contains ActiveX controls in dialog box resources.


MARCH 2005


New option for saving text to a Trados translation memory:  Allows text to be saved to a Trados TM without the ampersand characters (&) (before, the ampserand was always included in the text).  The Save without Ampersand option is enabled by default.

#181    Fix

Command line command "Write Target File" for .NET files:  Satellite DLLs are now written with the translation data only.  This is how satellite DLLs are created by Microsoft.  Before, RC-WinTrans would create satellite DLLs using what was known as "Full Data Mode."

#180    Fix

Setup failed on systems where the .NET Framework 2.0 Beta Version was installed.  RC-WinTrans 7's setup program has been updated so that it can now be installed and used on a Windows operating system where this version of the .NET Framework is installed.


JULY 2005

#173    Fix

Import from text file:  Text was not imported from a text file when a target language was used as the current source language.

#172    Fix

Incorrect code page for Hungarian target language:  A Hungarian target language was initialized with the incorrect (Western) code 1252. The correct code page for Hungarian is 1250.

#171    Fix

Missing "Basque" target language:  "Basque" was missing from the Languages dialog box so that this target language could not be created.

#170    Fix

Double quotation marks in .NET target files:  A single quotation mark (") in a target text was written as double quotation marks ("") in the target file.


MAY 2005

#168    Fix

Writing target (Win32) RC files on an Asian Windows operating system:  Changing the multi-line style (dialog box item) forced an incorrect line assigment for the dialog box item in the target RC file.  This problem only occurred on a Windows operating system where the local language setting uses an Asian language.


MARCH 2004


Finding translations in a Trados translation memory:  When a number of translations have been found by a search in a Trados TM, the item with the highest match value will automatically be selected in the Results list.

#166    Fix

Saving a translation to a multiple-source-text-entries Trados translation memory:  An error message was prompted when adding a new entry to a multiple-source-text-entries Trados TM.

Trados error number 50303.

Message text:  "Add as new translation can only be used in case of 100% matches or multiple translations."

#165    Fix

Bugfix for disabled Trados menu:  The Trados menu was disabled when Version 6.5 of Trados was installed/used.



#164    Fix

RC file parser and user resource names beginning with a number: RC-WinTrans' RC file parser did not accept a user resource name if it began with a number.  The process of reading the RC file was aborted and an error was reported in the Output tab view.



#163    Fix

Bugfix for the RC-WinTrans 7 setup:  The file "dte.olb" was removed from the installation and copied to a root directory of a (second) hard drive, which was an incorrect behaviour. If the setup could not copy the file, an error message was prompted.

#162    Fix

Command line option "/I" "Import" for importing text from an RC file:  Text could potentially not be imported for dialog box items not having a unique ID (e.g., "IDC_STATIC"; "-1"), or text was imported for another item with the same ID.

#161    Fix

Auto-Find-Get (from a Trados translation memory) function:  When multiple translations were found in a TRADOS TM, the item with the highest match value was NOT taken.

#160    Fix

Writing target binary Win32 EXE/DLL files:  Message table resources were not written correclty  in the target file (the first character of a string was missing).



#157    Fix

Writing target Win32 EXE/DLL files:  The language ID of neutral resources (resources where language ID = 0) was set to the target language ID.

#156    Fix

Bugfix for lengthy texts in glossaries/project files:  When a translation with a text longer than approximately 900 characters was found (in a glossary or project file), it caused RC-WinTrans to crash when adding the text to the Found Results list in the Translation Edit bar.


Microsoft .NET custom controls:  .NET custom control text item types can be specified to be translated just like standard .NET text types.


Write Target File command for Java properties files:  There is a new option to add the leading encoding bits to a file when writing a Unicode-encoded Jave Properties, INI, or SHL file.  Previous versions of RC-WinTrans always added the leading encoding bits- now the bits are not added by default.  The option of add the leading encoding bits must be specified in the Write File Options dialog box.

See "News" in the RC-WinTrans Help for details.


Accelerator keys (Win32):  The "modifiers" of an accelerator key in an accelerator table can now be changed (added/removed).

See "News" in the RC-WinTrans Help for details.

#152  –  New

Multi-line style (Win32):  The multi-line style of a dialog box item can be set or reset.  The style flag can also be imported in an import from resource file (RC, EXE/DLL) operation or when importing data from a translation database.


Virtual size for stringtable texts (Win32: RC, EXE/DLL):  The results of a size check (report) correspond exactly to what is displayed in the Adjust String Size dialog box.

See "News" in the RC-WinTrans Help for details.


Font name and size in the Dialog Box view (Win32: RC, EXE/DLL): A dialog box is now shown with the font and font size of the dialog box resource (if the font is specified).



#140    Fix

Reading/Writing large DLGNIT data (>65,565 bytes).  Affected file types: Win32 EXE/DLL and RC files.


14. SEPT. 2003

#131    Fix

Writing RC files:  A dialog box control item's class name definition (e.g., BUTTON or RICHEDIT_CLASS) was written (target file) inside quotation marks (e.g., "BUTTON" or "RICHEDIT_CLASS).

#130    Fix

Writing multiple-language RC files:  A multiple-language target RC file was written using the original (source) resources and the resources of (only) one target language.


05. SEPT. 2003

#121    Fix

Translating .NET files (RESX and EXE/DLL) – "Splitter" properties "MinSize" and "MinExtra":  The properties "MinSize" and "MinExtra" of a "splitter" forms item could not be modified.

#120    Fix

Translating .NET files (RESX and EXE/DLL) - "Combobox," "ListView," and "Listbox" controls:  Static text data (list entries and column text of the "ListView" controls, "Items" property) of "Combobox," ListView," and "Listbox" controls in .NET 2003 resource files could not be translated.



#115    Fix

Automation method bugfix: Automation method always returned a value of "-1."

Automation Object: "Workspace"

Method: "GetSaveReference" and "GetFindReference"


Expanded .NET text item support.  Support is now available for the following types: "caption," "hint," "description," and "doc caption."


Support for Trados translation memories with multiple translation units.

#112    Fix

DLGNIT resource data larger than 65,535 bytes was not handled properly.  This bug was typically encountered while using the spreadsheet control from FarPoint Technologies that usually stores binary data. Affected file types: Win32 EXE/DLL and RC resource files.


Improvement for TMX data exchange between RC-WinTrans and STAR Transit.

See the RC-WinTrans Help for details.

#110    Fix

TMX import/export:  RC-WinTrans has been updated to support TMX Versions 1.1 through 1.4.


JUNE 2003

#106    Fix

Binary data of Win32 resource and ActiveX controls:  Binary data larger than 65,535 bytes (0xFFFF) could not be processed.  An error message was prompted.

#105    Fix

"Find Text" function in .NET projects (.NET resource files):  The "Find Text" function (finding text in the Text Table view) was not working properly in .NET projects (.NET resource files).  The function for finding text in the "ID" column was not working at all.


MAY 2003


RC-WinTrans files and VersionInfo resources:  The code page value of the "Translation" entry was written as a hexadecimal value.  Microsoft uses a normal decimal value (it was reported that a hexadecimal value could not be read under a Windows XP operating system).

#101    Fix

RC-WinTrans glossaries:  When getting translation text ("Find/Get Translation" function) with a hotkey ("&") from a glossary, the ampersand character (&) was incorrectly placed.


.NET assemblies:  The version number of a .NET assembly file (source file) will be used for the satellite DLLs written by RC-WinTrans.

#99    New

.NET assemblies:  RC-WinTrans now handles strong named assemblies (signed and delay signed .NET EXE and .NET DLL).

#98    Fix

.NET resources (link label):  The link area of a link label could not be edited.

#97    Fix

Comments in RC files:  Comments that were larger than 30,000 characters could not be handled when writing a target (RC) file.

#96    Fix

.NET text type "LabelText":  RC-WinTrans did not recognize the .NET text type "LabelText."  The text was not taken into the database for translation. Run the Update Translation Database command to read the "LabelText" entries into the database.

#95    Fix

Text Table view:  The list entry for text items larger than 1,000 characters was empty.

#94    Fix

RC files:  The previous buffer size of 5,000 characters for text entries has been increased.

#93    Fix

Java Virtual Machine installation (character conversion):  RC-WinTrans verified the installation of the Java Virtual Machine (VM) by checking the Windows registry for the (fixed) VM version number 1.3.  It was not possible to use a Java VM with another version number.  It was also not possible to choose the location of the "native2ascii.exe" tool (used to convert the file encoding).  The "native2ascii.exe" file in the RC-WinTrans "\Tools" directory was generally used.

#92    Fix

.NET resource files:  Forms were displayed without a title bar in the Forms Viewer.

#91    Fix

.NET resource files:  RC-WinTrans assumed the size of a Form is given by the type "ClientSize," but it can also be given by a general "Size" tag.

#90    Fix

.NET resource files:  RC-WinTrans did not recognize the "System.Windows.Forms.UserControl" .NET Forms type.


MARCH 2003

#87    Fix

RC-WinTrans automation interface "IApplication" and RC-WinTrans scripting object "Appl":  Two methods were missing from the type library (.tlb file): "AddAddIn" and "RemoveAddIn."  As a result of the missing method in the type library, a number of methods could not be called via the "IApplication" automation interface.  These are the methods that could not be called: "RegisterActiveXControl," "UnRegisterActiveXControl," "GetLogFile," "GetCurTextDoc," "MoveWindow," "Toolbar," "AddSourceFile," "RemoveSourceFile," GetItems," "GetItemsByID," "WriteMultiLangTargetFile," and "GetAddIn."

#86    Fix

Add-in event "RCTEVENT_TEXT_SELECTED":  The add-in event "RCTEVENT_TEXT_SELECTED" was not sent as specifed (when a list entry was selected in the Text Table view).

#85    New

"TranslBar" scripting object:  There are four new methods for accessing the Found Results page in the Translation Edit bar.

#84    Fix

Open Visual SourceSafe Explorer toolbar button:  The Open Visual SourceSafe Explorer toolbar button is disabled even though Visual SourceSafe is installed.

#83    Fix

Command line import "/I":  The import from a multiple-language RC file does not import the given language ("SrcLang" parameter) data.


.NET locale for satellite DLLs:  The .NET locale for satellite DLLs can now be specified (customized) in the Target File dialog box.

#81    Fix

Update Database command (after source file changes):  The database update for EXE/DLL files reports an extended style change for dialog boxes even though the source file has not changed.

#80    Fix

Writing a multiple-language resource script file (RC) failed when the source RC file was read-only.



#73    New

"Fuzzy match" search option in the Find Text dialog box.


Grammar extension of the C/C++ string definition files parser and the Java properties files parser (now accepts "#pragma," "elif," and more).

#71    Fix

Overlapping control items check function:  Overlapping controls were not always found.



#61    Fix

"\RC" and "WriteTarget File" command line functions and RC files (Win32 resource script files):  RC-WinTrans could crash when using the "Write Target File" command line function and when the RC file contained binary data of ActiveX controls (DLGINIT resources).




New Windows XP GUI style used for the RC-WinTrans GUI.


"Macedonian" added to the list of possible target languages.

#51    New

New features:


Spell check.


Layout Editor for .NET Forms.


Overlapping control items check.


Extended character-encoding support for Java properties files.


JPEG images "translation" for .NET files.


Support for Unicode-encoded (UTF-16) RC files.

See "News" in the RC-WinTrans Help for details.


Use of the virtual "Dlg Shell" font for the Found tab view (Multi-View bar) and the Find Text dialog box:  Before, the fixed font "MS Sans Serif" had to. be used.

Using the "Dlg Shell" font allows the Unicode version of RC-WinTrans to display the text of all languages.  With the font that was used previously ("MS Sans Serif"), "|||||" characters may have been displayed depending on the current language and the current local Windows system (regional options).

#47    Fix

Array items returned through the "SAFEARRAY" parameter (index array) were changed from type "long" to type "VARIANT (VT_I4)." This was necessary for getting the methods to work with the integrated ActiveX scripting.

Affects:  RC-WinTrans application; OLE automation interface "IGlossaryDoc"; "GlossaryDoc" scripting objects; "GetGlossaries," "FindTranslation" and "GetTextItemsIndex" methods.

#46    Fix

For .NET projects (.NET translation database), the method returned FALSE when no source file contained in the project had been changed.

Affects:  RC-WinTrans application; OLE automation interface "IApplication"; "Appl" scripting objects; "IsUpToDate" method.

#45    Fix

Incorrect parameter types ("long" instead of "VARIANT") were passed to RC-WinTrans' OLE automation interface.  The sample has been updated.

Affects:  C++/MFC OLE automation sample "AutomationClient."

#44    Fix

RC-WinTrans crashes when the OLE automation method "GetResObjectData" is called.

Affects:  RC-WinTrans application; OLE automation interface "IProjectDoc" and "IApplication"; "Appl" and "ProjectDoc" scripting objects.

Method:  boolean GetResObjectData(long ObjIndex, VARIANT* ObjType, VARIANT*

ObjMainResID, VARIANT* ObjResID)



#43    Fix

Missing DLL "MSVCP70.dll" while starting the RC-WinTrans 7 Translator's Edition:  "MSVCP70.dll" was not included in the setup program but is required by the Translator's Edition.

The DLL "MSVCP70.dll" is no longer required by RC-WinTrans.

Affects:  Setup program for the RC-WinTrans 7 Translator's Edition; RC-WinTrans 7 Translator's Edition application.

#42    Fix

RC-WinTrans' Flash Info window was not being displayed.

Affects:  RC-WinTrans application.

#41    Fix

The MFC7 DLLs (three in all) were copied to the root directory of a second drive (in addition to the installation in the Windows "\system32" directory).

Affects:  RC-WinTrans setup/installation.

#31    Fix

The standard "File Open" dialog box was not opened (displayed) under Windows NT 4.0.

Affects:  RC-WinTrans application.




First official release of RC-WinTrans 7.